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Make Money from Corruption

The best businesses take inputs that seem unpromising and conjure them into a stream of profits. The Corrupt Tour Travel Agency is one such business.

To appreciate the magic of the Corrupt Tour business model, start with the ropy ingredients: short-lived corruption scandals, a variety of media reports and unglamorous locations. It sounds like a recipe for ruin. Yet nobody knows better than Corrupt Tour: short-lived corruption scandals do not mean short-term profits. Corruption usually stays right where it is well after the headlines have faded.

The Corporation

The Corrupt Tour Corporation is registered in the Czech Republic under No. 243 10 832.



Corrupt Tour’s Executive Board. Simply referred to as “The Board”.


Corrupt Tour’s Supervisory Board. Collectively agree to be called the German “Aufsichtsrat”.

Once again, our people enjoy the best of the worst and share both in the profits and the stories of the Corrupt Tour Corporation.

A share warrants to the bearer

The Capital of the Corrupt Tour Corporation is CZK 2 000 000 (two million Czech crowns). The Corrupt Tour Corporation has issued 800 shares of CZK 1 000 each and 120 shares of CZK 10 000 each.

All shares were issued in the form of share warrants. A share warrant is a document which states that the bearer of the warrant is entitled to the shares stated in it. These warrants are freely transferable without any need for a transfer document; that is, they can simply be passed from hand to hand. The standard share warrants look like banknotes. The Corrupt Tour share warrant features the most extraordinary artwork and graphic design.


The Corrupt Tour Share Warrant to Bearer is to certify that the Bearer of the warrant is the Proprietor of the most beautiful share in the world.


Price list

  • The CZK 1000 share warrant to bearer

that equals 0.5 per mill = 0.5 ‰ = 5−3= 12000 = 0.0005 = 0.05% of the Corrupt Tour Corporation.

For only EUR 130 / USD 170


  • The CZK 10 000 share warrant to bearer 

that is equal to 0.5 percent = 0.5 % = 5−2= 1200 = 0.005 = 5 ‰ of the Corrupt Tour Corporation.

For only EUR 1300 / USD 1700



Only a limited number of Corrupt Tour shares are available for sale.

If interested in this unique opportunity to make an honest buck on dodgy deals, contact us now!

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